Amethyst gemstone

Amethyst is the most popular semi-precious gemstone out there, it is used in jewelry because of its mesmerizing color of deep purple. It is also known for its hardness and relatively low price.

With Amethyst, color is an extremely important factor in its value. Color could range from pinkish hue, to deep purple, and the darker the color is ( or more purple ) the higher the price, and the more beautiful it is considered. The finest and most beautiful gemstones are found in Siberia, they feature a distinct deep purple color with hues of red and blue.

Amethyst in natural form

Care of Amethyst Gems and Jewelry

“Amethyst is a durable gemstone, but some care is needed to maintain its polish and natural color. Amethyst has a Mohs hardness of 7, and that is generally considered hard enough for almost any jewelry use.

However, with a hardness of 7, it can come in contact with a variety of common objects that can produce a scratch on its surface. Accidental scrapes on hard objects or abrasion with other gems of equal or greater hardness in a jewelry box can cause damage. Amethyst is also a brittle material that can be chipped or scratched by impact. It is best not to wear amethyst jewelry during an activity or at a location where this might occur.

Long-term storage of amethyst and amethyst jewelry is best done in a jewelry box or other dark location. The color of some amethyst can be subject to fading by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or bright display lights.”

Amethyst stone
Amethyst stone after polishing for jewelry use