Rainbow Moonstone

The Rainbow Moonstone name is given to a different types of Labradorite stones with certain color shades. That light blue color mixed with different shades of pearly white is what make this gemstone so popular. The stronger the blue color is the more valuable the stone is.

In addition to it’s appealing looks, moonstones are abundant which makes them a great choice for everyday jewelry. Opposed to the more expensive ones such as diamonds.

This gemstone has been popular for centuries, even the Romans and Greeks used them, they believed the stones formed when the rays from the moon became solid.

Nowadays, most moonstones come from (But not limited to ) Canada, Australia, India, Mexico, USA and Russia.

Rainbow Moonstone Necklace
Rainbow moonstone necklace – source
Rainbow Moonstone in Mythology and its healing powers

Rainbow Moonstone is thought by some cultures to be a magical stone that has the power to protect the wearer and help them fine their right path in life. It is thought to bring wisdom and insight to its owner and help them be more calm and in peace with themselves and their surroundings.

In some other cultures Rainbow moonstones are thought to be useful in soothing menstrual pains, fight cold and regulate blood pressure.

In Hinduism, it represents the energy of the moon god Chandra, who physically manifests as the moon, and considered the god of the moon or lunar deity.

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