What company do we use to ship our products ?

We only ship our packages using Canadapost

we use Expedited ParcelTM  method from Canadapost, which usually take less than 7 days according to the shipping times advertised below.

All orders can be tracked on the CanadaPost tracking page, tracking number will be sent to your email within few days of your order.

Shipping times

We ship out our products within 2 business days of receiving order.

The Expedited Parcel delivery from CanadaPost promises the delivery times shown in the table below. But due to the current situation, CanadaPost delivery times may be affected. CanadaPost News Updates

Shipping distanceLocalRegionalNational
Projected arrival date (business days)1 dayUp to 3 daysUp to 7 days

How do we price our shipping ?

Shipping price with Canadapost varies depending on package weight, dimensions, and the destination its going to.

But to make it easier for our shoppers, we decided to charge a flat fee of 8.99 CAD to anywhere in Canada, which is less than the minimum charge for a package with the dimensions we use.

Do we ship internationally ?

Currently we only ship within Canada, with the possibility of adding a shipping option to USA.

If you are in USA and you liked our product and want to place an order, please contact us beforehand so we can arrange shipping.

Return Policy

If you’re not satisfied with our product for any reason, please fill out the return form by clicking on the link below

We accept returns for up to 14 days of purchase date, please make sure to fill out the return form before the 2 weeks time elapse.

Shipping costs is are paid by the client, using the same shipping method we use to ship our products which is Expedited ParcelTM from CanadaPost.

We will provide you the shipping address to send the parcel to once we receive the return request.